The first collection of REIT NFTs - 9999 Magnificent REITLION NFTs are now live for minting together with the configurable concept.






Each REITLION NFT you add into your collection will have so many unique features. Based on a Metaverse project ( and a DeFi project (, these happy lion NFTs will have unique astronomical codes, color codes, frequency codes, stone codes and mandala codes. Each lion has a unique name. There are 20 Empires consisting of 9999 happy and fabulous lions. REITLION project will invest heavily on 3D, virtual augmented reality, artificial intelligence and many other technologically impressive and progressive aspects. An adventure game connected to METAPERA, a REITLION movie and a cartoon series are just next on the line. Also, very special surprises from METAPERA and REIT Finance are awaiting REITLION collectors... ;)


How do we buy a REITLION?

REITLION will add many unique features into the NFT world. Now, you can also add these special items into your collection and own a lion NFT masterpiece…

So, in order to buy a REITLION, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and Discord!

Please wait for the WHITELIST to be activated on METAPAERA Discord channel through this link: Go to Discord

Sales of 9999 very unique and special #configurable REITLION NFTs will start very soon!



Pre-sales: 1.000 REITLIONs will be sold to the white list. If you are on the white list, you will be able to purchase a REITLION for 0.09 eth.

Normal sales: 8.999 REITLIONS will be sold on METAPERA for 0.09 eth.

Make sure to follow us on METAPERA

So hurry up and own one!

REITLION has added many unique features into the NFT world. Now, you can also add these special items into your collection and own a lion NFT masterpiece…


20 Empires

19 Empires holding 500 REITLIONs and the last Empire has 499 REITLIONs. Therefore, 20 Empires and 9999 NFTs in total. Each lion has a unique name. Each empire consists of either a Planet or a Star or a Galaxy. An Emperor, an Empress, princes and princesses, Army Generals, Governors, pirates, wizards, and much more! These happy lions are also time travelers! A story full of fantasy… Stay tuned for more on this fantastic story!


Developing NFT

An NFT collection that will renew itself for at least 10 generations. Each NFT will gain a new feature in every generation. As features increase, NFTs will also increase in value.


3D & Virtual Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to its special features, you will get on a journey through 3D and Virtual Augmented Reality. These features will also develop & renew for every generation. REITLION project will also invest heavily on Artificial Intelligence solutions and developments.


Astronomical Codes / Colors / Frequencies / Stones / Mandalas

Each Empire has a unique astronomical code, frequency, color, stone and prosperity mandala. These very special astronomical codes, frequencies, colors, stones and mandalas will bring you charm, happiness and good will! For more, please check out our Energy Series page. ( Energy Series)


Animations / Cartoon / Game / Movie

REITLIONs will have their own adventure game in 2022. In addition, an animation movie is also scheduled for 2022. A cartoon is also on the list.



METAPERA is the metaverse application which includes all 20 Imperial Cities and the ReitCity, dimentions, portals, NFTs, virtual augmented reality games and much more... REITLION NFT owners will benefit from very special rewards and bonuses in METAPERA! METAPERA Web site)



ReitCity is the central digital city which connects all imperial cities. ReitCity is the ultimate ‘marketplace’ where people can buy & sell all sorts of digital goods and services including the parcels or lands from each imperial city. Reitcity Web site)


Jero Coin

Jero is the main crypto-currency used in METAPERA. People will buy & sell all NFTs and other related digital materials with Jero. For details, please visit Jero coin Web site)



Our REITLION NFT project is created as a mascot in a limited number in accordance with our REIT DeFi protocol. As REIT and REITg tokens hit the markets, REITLION NFTs will also benefit. Moreover, REITLION owners should be ready for wonderful rewards and bonuses from REIT finance!!! (








Metapera is the ‘ultimate virtual metaverse application’. There are imperial cities inside this metaverse and many other special digital products & solutions. In total, there are 20 imperial cities and a ReitCity inside METAPERA. Please visit for more.
ReitCity is the central virtual city inside of METAPERA which connects all other imperial cities. ReitCity is the center of commerce in METAPERA. There are many portals which connects ReitCity with the imperial cities. Dimensions, warmholes and spaceships will also be utilized in order to travel between imperial cities and the ReitCity. Please visit for more.
Jero is the main crypto-currency and therefore users will buy & sell with Jero coins in METAPERA.
An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with crypto-currencies, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.
We first created the REITLION as a mascot for our DeFi Project. Then we decided to turn it into a 9999 REITLIONs NFT collection. And then, 7777 REITLIONESSes and 3333 REITANGELs collection projects started. By the way, our DeFi project is a great one. So we strongly suggest you to take a quick look into it at
There are many NFT collections in METAPERA and they are called ‘REIT NFT Collection’. There NFTs will be utilized heavily in METAPERA in the future. Therefore owning these NFTs will bring so many benefits to the owners in the future. There are REITLION NFTs, REITLIONESS NFTs, REITANGEL NFTs, Stone NFTs, Portal NFTs, SpaceShip NFTs and so many more collection of NFTs down the road...
We will be deploying METAPERA, REITLION NFTs and Jero Coin contracts onto the Polygon Network. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.
Well, Polygon has a great potantial. Plus, there are 4 main reasons why we chose the Polygon Network. First, it is a strong network which deserves investment. Second, users can purchase NFTs with Ethereum. Third, gas fee is low and reasonable. Fourth, OpenSea supports Polygon Network. When you look at all these 4 reasons, Polygon seems to be the best choice. So, why not?
REITLON NFTs will appear in whatever address or connected wallet you used to purchase the REITLION. You can also view on OpenSea.
MetaMask is a browser extension designed to make accessing Ethereum's Dapp ecosystem easier. It also serves as a wallet for holding ERC-20 tokens allowing users to access services built on the network via the wallet. Poligon Network also supports Metamask so you shall have no problems.
You can buy REITLIONs on two platforms: The REITLION official website ( and OpenSea (opensea reitlion adresi gelecek buraya)
REIT NFT project is an integrated, magnificent NFT collections project. Since we are developing a magnificent metaverse application, we wanted to color it up with different types of NFT collections and also contribute to the NFT society, in general. So many different types of NFTs are also necessary for the development of this whole project throughout the coming 5-6 years in terms of creating a game, a movie, metaverse, AI, virtual augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc… We will keep on explaining in detail in the coming weeks from many channels such as the website, discord, twitter, etc...
Each planet, star or a galaxy has its own unique power. From the very start, we wanted people to benefit from these special powers because we believe that this is very important. We have private energy specialits who literally loaded astronomical energies, stone energies, frequency energies, color energies and mandala energies into lions. We wanted people to benefit from all these very special energies... So, all you have to do is to own a REITLION and the rest will follow... :)
There are 20 Empires in our NFT collection and each Empire has a unique frequency (396 Hertz, 417 Hertz, 555 Hertz, 963 Hertz, 333 Hertz, etc…). Since we will have a separate page for each lion on the REITLION website, you will be able to listen and benefit from that frequency from each lion’s separate page.
Well, we have carefully selected 20 stones special to each Empire just like frequencies. Each stone will carry the strength and power of each Planet, Star or Galaxy. Some examples of stones are Pink Quarts, Moon Stone, Selenite Stone and many others…
Well, each Empire is built on top of a prosperity mandala. Each mandala is actually turned into an imperial city in METAPERA (metaverse space). The owners of METAPERA spaces and NFTs will benefit from these prosperity mandalas which are created especially for the METAPERA project.
Probably by the end of February, 2022 or maybe earlier. There will be 7777 lion ladies.
Angels will come probably by the end of March, 2022 or maybe earlier. There will be 3333 lion angels.
Probably by the end of second quarter of 2022. Might be a bit earlier… We will see..
We will inform everyone on AI solutions by the beginning of 2022 second quarter. We will be allocating some of the resources on AI.
Probably by the third half of 2022 or might be a bit later. The owners of the REITLION NFTs will also participate democratically on discort about the scenario and the creation of the game.
A cartoon or an animation might come in 2022. A movie will probably come by 2023 or might even be 2024.
Yes, absolutely. We have created each and every NFT with endless love. These NFTs have so many unique features such as special energies of planets, stars and galaxies implied by our energists, 3D and virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, a game, cartoon, movie, special vibrations and frequencies, special stone powers for each empire and much more… Therefore, we believe that the value proposition of these NFTs will most certainly increase by time…
Once the sales start, 200 NFTs will be reserved for airdrops and certain competitions. It will be fun! :)